7th Annual Meeting of the

Cycling research board

25-27 October 2023
Hosted by University of Wuppertal

#CRBAM 2024 in Zurich🇨🇭 4-6 September 2024

Memories from #CRBAM23

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It's a Wrap!

Farewell from #CRBAM 2023 in Wuppertal🇩🇪 & Invitation to Zurich🇨🇭 2024


Video Invitation to Wuppertal

Main Venue @ Codeks Factory

Conference Vision

Let's use creative and interactive sessions to shape the cycling research agenda together

We invite a variety of perspectives, especially from early career researchers. Participants are encouraged to submit work, even early stage work, that reflects a variety of inter- and transdisciplinary topics, including:

+ Creative approaches to promoting cycling
+ Innovative methodologies to study cycling
+ Using cycling to challenge/rethink assumptions about mobility
+ Critical approaches to transport technology and innovation

View the 2023 Call for Submissions (Closed)

2023 Organizers

Chair of Bicycle Traffic

at Bergische Universität Wuppertal School of Architecture and Civil Engineering

Parallel Session Formats

Not just a presentation. Each session should foster interaction with your peers.

Group Creativity

Unleash the creativity of the audience by leveraging interactive session formats, including: 9 whys, 1-2-4-all, open space, storyboard, and others

Outdoor Activity

Wuppertal features both dramatic topography and an an impressive rails-to-trails infrastructure project. Use the outdoors to your advantage, especially when introducing new methodologies, or conduct a quick experiment during your session.

Semi-Structured Feedback

Think about how you want to gather feedback from your audience. Can you leverage a Menti poll or a whiteboard? How can the Q&A not only benefit you, but be interesting to the audience as well?

Our plenary sessions will be equally creative. Be inspired by activities geared towards skills development

Call for Papers!

As an exciting first for the Cycling Research Board Annual Meeting, this year we will offer a platform for contributors to publish peer-reviewed articles in the forthcoming Special Issue for CRBAM23 in the new Journal of Cycling and Micromobility Research. The author(s) of high-quality abstracts will be invited to submit a full-length article to capture the research findings, new methods or tools, or the other solutions they discuss at our Annual Meeting. More information and deadlines for article submission and publishing to come!

2023 Sponsors

Our "CAMPING" Principles

Awards from Cycling Research Board Annual Meeting 2023

Best "Camper" 🏆

The CRB Steering Committee presented the authors of the four best abstracts accepted for presentation at this year’s meeting, based on our CAMPING principles (Creative, Accessible, Mutable, Pleasurable, Inspiring, Nurturing, Ground-Breaking). On behalf of the Steering Committee, thank you to the awardees for bringing your innovative work to CRBAM23 and congratulations on this achievement!


Pookhao Chinpongsuwan & Mario Boot 

University of Twente

Exploring the potential of fNIRS in capturing subjective cycling experiences


Verena Röll , Diana Stage, Jurik Stiller, Julia Becker, Detlef Pech, Christine Ahrend (Technical University of Berlin & Humboldt University of Berlin)

Rethinking elementary school cycling training


Lucas van der Meer

(University of Salzburg)

Happiness is in the journey: A different view on accessibility in the cycling city


Gheysa Prado, Helena Strömberg , Pontus Wallgren

(Federal University of Paraná & Chalmers University of Technology)

Details that disrupt – Investigating the relationship between the sense of flow and cycling infrastructure


Most Engaging Session 🏆

This award was decided by a vote of the audience during our Closing Session. Congratulations to the awardees for winning over the CRBAM community with your engaging session!


Session: Women & Children & Mobility Justice


Moderator: Meredith Glaser (Urban Cycling Institute)


Facilitators: Jonnes Silonsaari (Urban Cycling Institute), Denise Kramer (Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau)


Speakers: Bárbara Oliveira Soares (Urban Cycling Institute), Verena Röll (TU Berlin), Jonathan Sacht (University of Kassel), Michael Tahmoressi (TU Delft)